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moⁿíⁿtʰaxóⁿxoⁿkʰá (n.)
  1. Notch in the end of an arrow for the bowstring.
moⁿíⁿthatháge (n.)
  1. Arrow feathers.
moⁿníni (n.)
  1. Quicksand; "tobacco earth".
moⁿníniqtiégoⁿ (n.)
  1. Quicksand; "earth just like tobacco".
moⁿnóⁿthiⁿ (v.)
  1. To forget the land or way, to wander from the path.
  2. To make a mistake; to do something accidentally or unintentionally.
moⁿsági (n.)
  1. Solid ground, hard ground with no quicksand.
moⁿshíadi (v.s.)
  1. Be very tall; extend from the ground far up into the air.
móⁿtʰanahá (v.s.)
  1. Wild, as a horse.
móⁿthiqtháde (n.)
  1. Arrow-shaft polisher made of two stones with a small groove through the middle of the inner surface of each.
móⁿthiⁿázhi (v.a.)
  1. He or she does not walk or cannot walk; applied to infants or those who have lost the use of their legs.
móⁿthiⁿázhi (v.a.)
  1. Not to go; does not go.
moⁿthíⁿbagí (n.)
  1. A stick-throwing game, played by an even number of boys.
moⁿthíⁿbatihé (n.phrase)
  1. Gopher hill.
moⁿthíⁿbatítihé (n.phrase)
  1. Gopher hills.
moⁿthíⁿkʰa níⁿde (n.phrase)
  1. "Burnt earth"; a hard yellowish-red substance found where a cliff has caved in.
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