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agtháthiⁿ tʰí (v.phrase)
  1. To have come here, not home, bringing one's property.
  2. To have come here for the first time, with one's property.
agtháthiⁿ tʰíkʰithe (v.phrase)
  1. To cause someone to come here for the first time, or to a place which is not home, with their property (purposely, but not by request).
agtháthiⁿ thékʰithe (v.phrase)
  1. To make someone take his property with him.
agtháthiⁿ thugí (v.phrase)
  1. To come home with one's property.
agtháthiⁿ thugshí (v.phrase)
  1. He has brought his own property back or home.
agtháthiⁿ thukʰí (v.phrase)
  1. To bring something home.
agtháthiⁿ thutʰí (v.phrase)
  1. He has brought his property here.
ágthe shugthé (v.phrase)
  1. To go homeward to you for his property.
agthígthiⁿ (v.phrase)
  1. To come home or return to place and sit down.
ágthiⁿ (n.)
  1. Chair; seat.
ágthiⁿ (v.a.)
  1. To sit on something.
agthíⁿ (num.)
  1. Part of numerals from eleven to nineteen excepting twelve; -teen.
ágthiⁿ báiázaza (n.phrase)
  1. Rocking chair.
ágthiⁿ biázaza (n.phrase)
  1. Rocking chair.
ágthiⁿ biíiza (n.phrase)
  1. Spring under a wagon seat.
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