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  1. Oh!
  1. Yes.
a (part.)
  1. Question marker, placed at the end of an interrogative sentence.
  1. Female imperative marker; used at the end of a command sentence.
a (n.)
  1. Arm.
á'a (n.)
  1. South wind.
Á'awíⁿ (prop.noun)
  1. South Wind Woman. Name of the Ponca Wasabe gens.
á'oⁿtha (v.a.)
  1. To beware of, to refrain from.
ába'e (v.s.)
  1. Lying thick on, covering.
  2. Covered or studded with.
ába'e (v.)
  1. To break out thickly on, as smallpox or another skin disease.
ába'u (v.)
  1. To mound up earth into a hill or heap.
ábaáxe (v.a.)
  1. To push a solid object off of one thing and onto another.
ábaazé (v.)
  1. To drive, as a pony or ox.
ábaáze (v.a.)
  1. To push something off one object and onto another with a stick.
ábabthi (v.)
  1. To plow a furrow over corn that has sprung up.
  2. To pound on something.
  3. To come up on or over, as water.
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