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ga (pro.)
  1. That; refers to something out of sight or off to the side.
gaáxa (v.a.)
  1. To sweep off with a bundle of sticks or switches; to drive off or sweep off, as the wind does dust.
gabábaxu (v.)
  1. To beat a piece of metal till it becomes four-cornered.
  2. To make hills of earth by hoeing.
gabáshoⁿ (v.)
  1. To bend something by hitting it, for instance with an axe.
gabázu (n.)
  1. Two mounds of dirt or blankets serving as the "home base" of a team in the game called Wabaznade.
gabízhe (v.)
  1. To wink.
gadázhe (n.)
  1. Dwarves, little people.
gahé (v.a.)
  1. To comb; to disentangle.
Gak'éxe (prop.noun)
  1. One of the dancing societies of Ponca men.
gakú (v.)
  1. To beat a drum.
ganáde (v.)
  1. To mire, to get stuck; said of horses or oxen.
ganí (v.)
  1. To fan away, as flies or mosquitoes.
  2. To fan a fire.
ganóⁿge (v.t.)
  1. roll by tossing
  2. turn / swing forcefully, as a jumprope
ganúshi (v.a.)
  1. To cut or throw low.
gaqá (v.)
  1. Excell, exceed, surpass, go beyond.
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