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Omaha Words that are proper noun: place & personal names

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Ishtásoⁿda (prop.noun)
  1. A moiety (half-tribe) of the Omahas.
  2. The fifth clan of this moiety; Thunder clan.
Ishtínikʰe (prop.noun)
  1. Monkey; a mythical trickster character.
Iⁿgthézhide (prop.noun)
  1. Red Dung, one of the Ishtasenda gentes of the Omaha tribe.
Iⁿgthóⁿ (prop.noun)
  1. First Son; a birth order name.
iⁿgthóⁿ níkashíⁿga (prop.noun)
  1. Thunder people; Thunderbird people. A sub-clan of the Omaha Ishtasanda clan.
iⁿgthóⁿga sháge athíⁿ (prop.noun)
  1. Keepers of the Wildcat Claws; a name for the Washetʰoⁿ or Reptile People of the Omaha Ishtasoⁿda clan.
Kigthihegoⁿ (prop.noun)
  1. Makes His Hair Stand on End (?); Ponca man's name.
Mamáthe (prop.noun)
  1. Mormon.
Maqpíiatu (prop.noun)
  1. Arapaho, the Arapahos.
Máqude (prop.noun)
  1. Iowa; the Iowa tribe; an Iowa person.
Mashchíⁿge ha wáiⁿ (prop.noun)
  1. Ute, the Utes; "rabbit skin robe".
Mashchíⁿgeíⁿ (prop.noun)
  1. Rabbit; a mythical hero of the Omahas and Poncas.
Mashté mazhóⁿ (prop.noun)
  1. Indian Territory, Oklahoma; "Warm Land".
Míkasi wachʰí (prop.noun)
  1. Coyote Dance, done by members of a war party.
Míⁿdoⁿbe wáchʰigáxe (prop.noun)
  1. The Sun Dance.
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