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Omaha Words that are proper noun: place & personal names

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Pʰa thátʰoⁿ (prop.noun)
  1. One of the dancing societies of the Ponca women.
Qáshishi (prop.noun)
  1. A place near Maple Creek, Nebraska, where the Omahas defeated a camp of Pawnees.
Sasú (prop.noun)
  1. François; Frank.
Shóⁿge íthaethéma (prop.noun)
  1. Those who have supernatural communications with horses. The members of the order of the Horse dance.
Shóⁿtoⁿga íthaethéma (prop.noun)
  1. Wolf Dance society members; "those who have supernatural connection with wolves".
Shpaiúna (prop.noun)
  1. Spaniard; Spanish person.
Shúka moⁿthíⁿ (prop.noun)
  1. Walks in a crowd (name).
Shúkabi (prop.noun)
  1. Heavy Cloud or Collected in a Cloud: masculine personal name of the Ponca Hisada gens.
Sigé (prop.noun)
  1. Birth-order name; Fourth Daughter.
Sithémakʰóⁿ (prop.noun)
  1. A mythical character, said by some to be identical to the Rabbit.
Síⁿde ágthe (prop.noun)
  1. "Tail placed upright on"; Those who wear Tails or Locks of hair on their heads, name of a Ponca subgens.
Tadétʰoⁿ (prop.noun)
  1. Man's name, "From Wind".
Tadéwiⁿ (prop.noun)
  1. Woman's name: "Wind Woman".
Tadéwiⁿ t'é tʰe wachʰíshka kʰe (prop.noun)
  1. Name of a creek; "Stream where Wind Woman died."
Taháthizha (prop.noun)
  1. A game played by Kansa, Omaha, and Ponca children.
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