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Omaha Words that are pronoun

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dádoⁿ (pro.)
  1. Something; a thing.
dádoⁿ shtéshte (pro.)
  1. Something or other; anything at all, whatever.
dádoⁿshte (pro.)
  1. Something or other; anything, whatever.
dadóⁿshtewoⁿ (pro.)
  1. Whatsoever; anything whatsoever.
dádoⁿzhí (pro.)
  1. Nothing; "what not".
ébe (pro.)
  1. Who.
  2. Somebody, someone.
ebéazhi (pro.)
  1. Nobody; no one.
edádoⁿ (pro.)
  1. Something, what, a thing.
edádoⁿshtéshte (pro.)
  1. Whatsoever; whatever.
ga (pro.)
  1. That; refers to something out of sight or off to the side.
sheáthiⁿ (pro.)
  1. Those two moving animate objects.
thi (pro.)
  1. You; thou, thee.
thithíta (pro.)
  1. Your, yours, your own.
  2. Thy, thine, thy own.
wi (pro.)
  1. I, me.
wíe (pro.)
  1. I, me.
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