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Omaha Words that are pronoun

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wíedoⁿ (pro.)
  1. I, instead of or to the exclusion of others.
wíeshte (pro.)
  1. Even I.
wíezha (pro.)
  1. I, in contrast to others.
wináqchi (pro.)
  1. I alone, only I.
wínoⁿ (pro.)
  1. Only I.
wíshti (pro.)
  1. I too, me too.
wízhnoⁿ (pro.)
  1. I alone, me alone.
wíⁿoⁿwa (pro.)
  1. Which, which one?
wiⁿóⁿwa (pro.)
  1. Which, which one?
wiⁿóⁿwashtéshte (pro.)
  1. Whichever, either one (of the two).
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