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Omaha Words that are interjection

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m+ (intj.)
  1. Feminine interjection of surprise.
m+! (intj.)
  1. Feminine interjection of disapproval and incredulity.
na (intj.)
  1. See here!
názhi (intj.)
  1. Masculine interjection of indignation, anger, or surprise.
oⁿ (intj.)
  1. Yes.
oⁿ (intj.)
  1. Expression implying belief of what has been heard.
qaí (intj.)
  1. Whew! What! Exclamation used by males.
qáiná (intj.)
  1. Surprising! Is it possible? Exclamation of wonder, used by males.
qe (intj.)
  1. Exclamation of surprise or annoyance, used by one who has made a mistake; darn it!; bother!
she+sh (intj.)
  1. Interjection of disappointment; Alas!
shíshishíshi (intj.)
  1. Interjection of surprise, used by Rabbit.
tená (intj.)
  1. Masculine interjection of surprise, reproof, and indignation. "Why!"; "Hey!"
tená (intj.)
  1. Masculine interjection of expostulation; "Why!, Fie!"
tʰ tʰ tʰ tʰ tʰ! (intj.)
  1. Sound used in calling a dog.
  2. Sound used to imitate the sound of a cracking whip.
u+ (intj.)
  1. Interjection used by males, at the end of a sentence: halloo! hey!
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