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baíiza (v.)
  1. To push back and forth; to shake repeatedly, as a board, by punching at it.
baíkʰithibthoⁿ (v.)
  1. To mix, as different kinds of corn, etc., by stirring with a stick.
bapí (v.)
  1. To write or sew well.
baqthíqthi (v.)
  1. To punch frequently.
baqthíqthibe (v.)
  1. To mash by punching frequently.
baqthíⁿ (v.)
  1. To make a dog or wolf snarl by pushing or thrusting at it.
bas'íⁿtʰigthe (v.)
  1. To slip down and turn bottom upwards suddenly.
bas'ú (v.)
  1. To scrape; to plane.
basábe (v.)
  1. To make an object black by punching at it.
basíhi (v.)
  1. To clean a gun barrel with a stick.
  2. To brush a floor clean.
baskúba (v.)
  1. Mark by pushing, punching, sawing without making a hole.
baskúda (v.)
  1. To punch a short indentation on wood across the grain.
bát'ithátha (v.)
  1. To gallop.
bathíguzhe (v.)
  1. To push, as a stick, against any object, bending it (the stick) a little: to bend, as a bow, by pushing.
  2. Said of cornstalks that do not come up straight but bend over a little.
bathíoⁿoⁿba (v.)
  1. To file metal till it is polished and gleaming.
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