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bathíshizhe (v.)
  1. To bend something very far by pushing.
bathíthide (v.)
  1. To make ripples on the water, as a school of fish, or beavers in motion, will do.
bathíⁿge (v.)
  1. To use up sinew or thread in sewing; to file metal or to plane wood too small for the intended use; run out of material.
bathóⁿazhi (v.)
  1. To thrust exactly at a place without hitting it.
bathútʰoⁿ (v.)
  1. To scrape or plane wood straight; to file metal straight.
bathuzhe (v.)
  1. To push or thrust against a barrel, forcing it over and spilling its contents.
batʰé (v.)
  1. To sew.
bawásekoⁿ (v.)
  1. To make a wheel revolve rapidly by pushing.
bawíⁿxe (v.)
  1. To make a sudden turn, to go around in a circle.
baxú (v.)
  1. To carve or engrave.
  2. To write.
bazhíⁿga (v.)
  1. To make small by filing.
baznázna (v.)
  1. To iron clothing.
bi stá (v.)
  1. To press down by sitting or lying on it, as grass.
bipáiázhi (v.)
  1. To make dull or blunt by rubbing or pressing.
biskúba (v.)
  1. Mark by pressing, lying on, or sitting on for a long time.
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