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Omaha Words that are numeral phrase

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agthíⁿthabthiⁿqtiégoⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. About thirteen.
agthíⁿthabthíⁿthoⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. Thirteen together or at a time.
agthíⁿthabthiⁿthóⁿthoⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. Thirteen to each person; thirteen apiece.
agthíⁿwiⁿáqchi (num.phrase)
  1. Just or only eleven.
agthíⁿwiⁿáqchiégoⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. About eleven.
agthíⁿwiⁿáqchióⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. Eleven times.
agthíⁿwiⁿáqchióⁿzhnoⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. Only eleven times.
agthíⁿwiⁿhá (num.phrase)
  1. Eleven in each place.
agthíⁿwiⁿthoⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. Eleven at a time or together.
agthíⁿwiⁿthóⁿthoⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. Eleven to each person; eleven apiece.
gthébashápeqtiégoⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. About sixty.
gthéboⁿ kʰígthe (num.phrase)
  1. Ten times in succession; ten times in a row.
shóⁿka akígthaha (num.phrase)
  1. Ninefold.
shóⁿkathóⁿthoⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. Nine to each; by nines.
shóⁿkoⁿ kʰígthe (num.phrase)
  1. Nine times in a row.
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