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tóⁿwoⁿ gáxe (v.phrase)
  1. To make a camp or village; to stay in a place.
tú égoⁿ sábe (v.phrase)
  1. Dark blue.
tú gthezhé égoⁿ (v.phrase)
  1. Blue with white spots.
tú ithóⁿ (v.phrase)
  1. To suddenly turn blue or green.
tú kétha egoⁿ (v.phrase)
  1. Sky blue, light blue.
  2. Dark green with an indigo tinge.
tú shabe égoⁿ (v.phrase)
  1. Very dark green; greenish black.
túqude égoⁿ (v.phrase)
  1. Somewhat blue-gray; the color of Omaha tobacco leaves.
údoⁿ tʰígthe (v.phrase)
  1. To become good suddenly; improve.
uíbaqthúqa (v.phrase)
  1. To dent or make a hollow in the ground.
úshkoⁿ gáxe (v.phrase)
  1. To make a regulation, law, or custom.
úshkoⁿ píázhi (v.phrase)
  1. To be unkind; prone to bad deeds; maleficent.
úshkoⁿ tʰóⁿ giáxe (v.phrase)
  1. To make trouble for someone.
uthade thiⁿge (v.phrase)
  1. To have no excuse; to have no reason for a proposed or finished action.
uthídoⁿ itʰé (v.phrase)
  1. To stand locked; to be locked.
uthídoⁿ itʰéthe (v.phrase)
  1. To shut a door and lock it.
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