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Omaha Words that are postpositional phrase

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óⁿbadi (p. phrase)
  1. Earlier today.
paháshiádi (p. phrase)
  1. On a high place; on something high.
paháshiatá (p. phrase)
  1. Up above; upstairs.
paháshiatáha (p. phrase)
  1. Further up; toward a higher place.
paháshiatáthishoⁿ (p. phrase)
  1. Up in that direction.
paháshiatátʰoⁿ (p. phrase)
  1. From up above.
paháta (p. phrase)
  1. At the hill; on the hill.
pahéadi (p. phrase)
  1. On the hill, in the hill.
pahéadítʰoⁿ (p. phrase)
  1. Out of, or down from, the hill.
pahóⁿga tʰédi (p. phrase)
  1. Formerly, at first, at the beginning.
pahóⁿga tʰedítʰoⁿ (p. phrase)
  1. Since the first.
pahóⁿgadi (p. phrase)
  1. Formerly, at first, at the beginning.
pahóⁿgadíshti (p. phrase)
  1. In the past, on several occasions.
pahóⁿgadítʰoⁿ (p. phrase)
  1. From the first, from the beginning.
pahóⁿgatáthishoⁿ (p. phrase)
  1. Towards the front, in front.
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