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Omaha Words that are postpositional phrase

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qthabéatátʰoⁿ (p. phrase)
  1. From a forest.
shéthuadi tʰédi (p. phrase)
  1. At that land near you.
shéthuáta (p. phrase)
  1. To that place over there near you.
shéthuatáthishoⁿ (p. phrase)
  1. Towards that place over there near you.
shéthuatátʰoⁿ (p. phrase)
  1. From over there near you.
shéthutʰoⁿ (p. phrase)
  1. From your place.
shóⁿge wáthiⁿ agthaí tʰéta (p. phrase)
  1. To the place where they have taken the horses.
taiáta (p. phrase)
  1. At or near the back of the head.
taqpí thoⁿtá (p. phrase)
  1. At or near the crown of the head.
tíadi (p. phrase)
  1. In the house or lodge.
tóⁿdadi (p. phrase)
  1. At or on the ground.
tóⁿdadítʰoⁿ (p. phrase)
  1. Up from the ground, out of the ground.
toⁿdáha (p. phrase)
  1. Into the ground.
tóⁿdata (p. phrase)
  1. To the ground; at the ground.
  2. Away from the river.
toⁿdátaha (p. phrase)
  1. Towards the bluffs.
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