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Omaha Words that are postpositional phrase

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tóⁿdatáthishoⁿ (p. phrase)
  1. Towards the ground.
  2. Away from the river.
toⁿdatatʰoⁿ (p. phrase)
  1. Away from the ground or bluffs nearby, and towards the stream.
tóⁿdeatá (p. phrase)
  1. Away from the river.
tóⁿdeatáthishoⁿ (p. phrase)
  1. Away from the river.
  2. Without trees and water.
tóⁿwoⁿádi (p. phrase)
  1. In a camp or village (not here).
tóⁿwoⁿadítʰoⁿ (p. phrase)
  1. From or out of a camp or village (not here).
tóⁿwoⁿatá (p. phrase)
  1. To a camp or village.
tóⁿwoⁿatátʰoⁿ (p. phrase)
  1. From a camp or village.
tóⁿwoⁿgthóⁿadi (p. phrase)
  1. In a clan or people (ethnic group).
  2. In a town or city.
tóⁿwoⁿgthóⁿadítʰoⁿ (p. phrase)
  1. Out of or out from a clan.
  2. Out of or out from a town or city.
tóⁿwoⁿgthóⁿata (p. phrase)
  1. To a clan.
  2. To a town or city.
tʰóⁿde (p. phrase)
  1. During future early autumns; during early falls after the next one.
tʰóⁿdoⁿ (p. phrase)
  1. During early autumn of past years; before last early autumn.
tʰóⁿgaqthóⁿde (p. phrase)
  1. During future late autumn seasons, in years after next year.
tʰóⁿgaqthóⁿdoⁿ (p. phrase)
  1. Later autumn; during past late autumn seasons, before last year.
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