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Omaha Words that are transitive verb

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su (v.t.)
  1. To cut in strips.
thadé (v.t.)
  1. To call; to name.
  2. To speak, utter, pronounce (a name).
thashí (v.t.)
  1. To talk against someone.
thashízhe (v.t.)
  1. To shatter or crush with the teeth.
thashkí (v.t.)
  1. To chew (tobacco).
that'é (v.t.)
  1. To bite to death, kill by biting.
thatʰé (v.t.)
  1. To eat; to eat an item of food.
thatʰóⁿ (v.t.)
  1. To drink.
thiⁿwíⁿ (v.t.)
  1. To buy; to purchase or trade.
thiⁿwíⁿtʰoⁿkʰithe (v.t.)
  1. To buy something from someone.
tʰíⁿthe (v.t.)
  1. To moisten or dampen the surface of an object.
tʰoⁿ (v.t.)
  1. To exist, there is/there are; to abound.
  2. To have or possess.
ú (v.t.)
  1. To wound someone.
  2. To hit a mark or target.
ú'oⁿ (v.t.)
  1. Make trouble for someone; cause trouble; be to blame for something.
ugtháshige (v.t.)
  1. To complain about one's relative or friend.
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