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Omaha Words that are active verb

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pashoⁿ (v.a.)
  1. To turn back; to abandon a journey.
piázhigithé (v.a.)
  1. To regard one's own (relative) as bad.
píazhikíthe (v.a.)
  1. To regard oneself as bad.
qégathe (v.a.)
  1. To cause to become dried or dead; said of wood.
qiátha (v.a.)
  1. To fall, as when walking on solid ground.
qóⁿthe (v.a.)
  1. Break, cause to be broken (accidentally).
qpe (v.a.)
  1. Crumbled off.
qthaqtházhe (v.a.)
  1. To scream out often, like a young animal calling its mother.
qthazhé (v.a.)
  1. To scream out, like a young animal calling its mother.
qthíazhithe (v.a.)
  1. To cause someone to be silent.
qúka (v.a.)
  1. To sing a dancing song; sing for others to dance to.
  2. To initiate someone into a secret society.
sabé (v.a.)
  1. To be on guard, prudent, watchful.
shi (v.a.)
  1. You are or were coming here.
shi (v.a.)
  1. You have been there; you reached there.
shiézhidékʰithe (v.a.)
  1. To be crying continually: said of a boy who acts like a baby.
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