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Omaha Words that are conjunction

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ábi (conj.)
  1. If, if only.
adóⁿ (conj.)
dóⁿshte (conj.)
  1. Though, although.
  2. Perhaps.
edábe (conj.)
  1. Also.
  2. Two or more objects.
éde (conj.)
  1. But.
kíshte (conj.)
  1. Even if.
  2. If.
kízhi (conj.)
  1. If, when.
shi (conj.)
  1. And, and then, again.
shóⁿ... dóⁿshte (conj.)
  1. Either ... or.
shóⁿde (conj.)
  1. If so, if that's how it is.
shóⁿnoⁿ (conj.)
  1. And only.
  2. And usually; and always.
shti (conj.)
  1. Also, too (enclitic).
  2. And, too; both... and (independent conjunction).