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Omaha Words that are interjection

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  1. Oh!
  1. Yes.
chʰúhihí (intj.)
  1. Interjection of triumph or gloating over misfortune of others.
ehoⁿt (intj.)
  1. Feminine exclamation; verbal exclamation point at the end of an utterance.
ékʰoⁿhe (intj.)
  1. No indeed!
hiⁿche+ (intj.)
  1. masculine interjection
hiⁿdá (intj.)
  1. Look! Listen! Behold! Let me see! Hark! An exclamation calling attention to something.
híⁿdakʰé (intj.)
  1. Let me see! Let us see!
hiⁿdégoⁿ (intj.)
  1. Let us see; Let's see!
hiⁿdíthagă (intj.)
  1. Stop!
  2. Hand it over!
  3. Let me see!
  1. Thank you.
  2. Greeting: Hello, How are you.
  3. Sign of approval: "Hear! Hear!"
  4. Discourse marker: "Well;" beginning of new paragraph.
  5. Used in calling to a distant person: "Hey, halloo, yoohoo".
  6. Adds emphasis to a command.
  7. oral period [used when somebody raises his voice]
hóⁿ! hoⁿ! hóⁿ! (intj.)
  1. Interjection of pain; ow!, ouch!
huhú (intj.)
  1. Masculine exclamation expressing joy.
i+ (intj.)
  1. Feminine interjection of wonder or reproof; nonsense!; how absurd!
iúhúⁿ (intj.)
  1. An exclamation used by a warrior telling what he will dare to do.
m+ (intj.)
  1. Feminine interjection of surprise.
m+! (intj.)
  1. Feminine interjection of disapproval and incredulity.
na (intj.)
  1. See here!
názhi (intj.)
  1. Masculine interjection of indignation, anger, or surprise.
Negihóo! (intj.)