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Omaha Words that are quantifier

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d'úba (quant.)
  1. Some.
d'úbeshte (quant.)
  1. Any at all, whatsoever.
héga (quant.)
  1. Somewhat, a little.
júba (quant.)
  1. A few, a small quantity.
júbaqchi (quant.)
  1. a very few; a very small quantity
júbaqti (quant.)
  1. A very few, a very small quantity.
wiⁿdéna (quant.)
  1. Half the amount, of a collective substance.
wiⁿdénaska (quant.)
  1. Half that size; half as big.
wiⁿdéthoⁿska (quant.)
  1. Half the size; half as big.
wóⁿgithe (quant.)
  1. All, every, everyone.
zaní (quant.)
  1. All.