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Omaha Words that are verb root

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'ábe (v.root)
  1. Notched (in one place).
'áxe (v.root)
  1. To make a sound; to produce a noise that sounds like "'áxe".
btháze (v.root)
  1. Split open, ripped open.
chʰizhe (v.root)
  1. To crackle, like twigs or branches breaking.
p'íⁿxe (v.root)
  1. Drawn or puckered up.
qthúde (v.root)
  1. To be peeled off; to slip out of.
shethóⁿ (v.root)
  1. Taken apart; in pieces.
shoⁿ (v.root)
  1. Dislocated, fallen off.
shtoⁿ (v.root)
  1. Stop; let go.
skébe (v.root)
  1. Trimmed.
  2. Scraped (?)
skúba (v.root)
  1. Mark, impress; impression.
súde (v.root)
  1. Trimmed, bare of hair or vegetation.
  2. Expended.
xábe (v.root)
  1. Peel, strip off?
zháge (v.root)
  1. Made larger, enlarged, as a hole.
zhawa (v.root)
  1. Enormous; abundant.
zhnoⁿ (v.root)
  1. To miss, let fall.
znu (v.root)
  1. Glide, slide.