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Omaha Words that are transitive verb

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'ágthethe (v.t.)
  1. To make someone suffer, to mistreat.
'e (v.t.)
  1. To dig.
  2. To pare or peel, as potatoes.
ábapʰu (v.t.)
  1. To push straight together and close, as sliding doors.
  2. To turn up the sole of a moccasin over the top.
ábashóⁿtha (v.t.)
  1. To knock over a vessel and spill its contents on someone or something.
ábazhna (v.t.)
  1. To cut someone's hair.
agtháthiⁿ (v.t.)
  1. To have or keep one's own.
agtháthiⁿ shuthé (v.t.)
agtháthiⁿ shuthékʰithe (v.t.)
  1. to have somebody take something of their own towards you, or to get them to, or to ask them to
  2. to have somebody take their relative towards you, or to get them to, or to ask them to
áki (v.t.)
ákʰiki (v.t.)
  1. argue about / dispute / contest something
ákʰithiⁿ (v.t.)
  1. To honor or respect.
ánoⁿge ithéthe (v.t.)
  1. To run very rapidly over.
áxoⁿxoⁿ (v.t.)
  1. To take care of, to nurse, as an infant.
baqthíbe (v.t.)
  1. To mash by punching.
bat'é (v.t.)
  1. To kill by punching or stabbing.
ch'éthe (v.t.)
  1. To kill (used by old women and children).
chʰi (v.t.)
  1. To copulate; to have sexual intercourse.
dádoⁿgíthe (v.t.)
  1. To have someone as a kinsman.
dáthe (v.t.)
  1. To freeze something.
dóⁿbe (v.t.)
  1. To see, look at, perceive.