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  1. To dye red with something.
  1. Very red; completely red, red all over.
red beans
hiⁿbthíⁿge zhíde shábe égoⁿ
  1. Beans which are a dark red.
red beans
hiⁿbthíⁿge zhídeqti
  1. Very red beans.
red berry
  1. Sweet red berry that grows near the Niobrara river in Nebraska.
red bill
míⁿxazhíⁿga pá zhide
  1. A species of duck with a blue or green head, orange throat, and white breast; "red billed duck".
red blanket
waíⁿ zhíde
  1. Red blanket.
red buffalo
  1. Type of buffalo with reddish-yellow hair and long legs.
red cedar
mázi núbthoⁿ
  1. Red cedar.
red dawn
óⁿba zhíde
  1. Redness of the dawn.
red dye
  1. A fine grass, used by the Omahas and Poncas as an ingredient in red dye.
red haw
  1. Red haws, thorn apples.
red hawthorn
  1. Red hawthorn; thorn-apple tree.
red legs
  1. A small, slender bird with slender reddish legs, which frequents the water.
red neck
Páhi zhíde
  1. "Those whose necks are red"; people of St. Louis, MO.
red neck
Páhizhíde tʰóⁿwoⁿgthoⁿ
  1. St. Louis, Mo.
red pod
hiⁿbthíⁿge ská ugthé tʰe zhíde
  1. White beans with red on the part of the pod that joins the vine.
red spots
hiⁿbthíⁿge zhíde gthezhé
  1. Beans with red spots.
red willow
thíxe sági
  1. Red willow.
  2. Hard willow.
red-headed woodpecker
  1. Red-headed woodpecker.