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Omaha Words that are noun phrase

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hiⁿbthíⁿge ská gthezhé (n.phrase)
  1. Beans with white spots.
hiⁿbthíⁿge ská ugthé tʰe zhíde (n.phrase)
  1. White beans with red on the part of the pod that joins the vine.
hiⁿbthíⁿge tu égoⁿ sábe (n.phrase)
  1. Dark blue beans.
hiⁿbthíⁿge tu gthezhé égoⁿ (n.phrase)
  1. Blue beans with white spots.
hiⁿbthíⁿge zhí égoⁿ sábe (n.phrase)
  1. Dark orange red beans.
hiⁿbthíⁿge zhíde gthezhé (n.phrase)
  1. Beans with red spots.
hiⁿbthíⁿge zhíde shábe égoⁿ (n.phrase)
  1. Beans which are a dark red.
hiⁿbthíⁿge zhídeqti (n.phrase)
  1. Very red beans.
hiⁿbthíⁿge zí gthezhé (n.phrase)
  1. Beans with yellow spots.
hiⁿpá zhoⁿ zhíⁿga (n.phrase)
  1. Stick used in collecting arrow cement.
hiⁿqpé ithibóⁿ (n.phrase)
  1. Eagle down put on the middle of the sacred pole of the Omahas.
hiⁿskáqti (n.phrase)
  1. A species of white shell used for making one kind of earrings; "real beads".
hóⁿ wadóⁿbe (n.phrase)
  1. Night scouts, those who scout for a war party at night.
hóⁿt'ega tú (n.phrase)
  1. Great blue blowfly.
hóⁿt'ega watháqta sági (n.phrase)
  1. The common fly; "fly that bites hard".
hu báku (n.phrase)
  1. Plaice; "hump-backed fish".
hu híⁿpa (n.phrase)
  1. Sturgeon.
hu í buta (n.phrase)
  1. Buffalo fish; "the fish with a round mouth.
hu íshta zí (n.phrase)
  1. Shad; "the fish with yellow eyes".
hu ízhiⁿga (n.phrase)
  1. Shovel-nosed sturgeon.