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hidé nazíthe (n.phrase)
  1. Type of hunting arrow made entirely of wood, used for killing fish, deer, and small game.
híthawíⁿ doⁿpʰá (n.phrase)
  1. Short garters.
hiúgaqíxe (n.phrase)
  1. An animal skin with the teeth attached; a skin bag with teeth attached.
hiúgasháge (n.phrase)
  1. Anything between the teeth, such as particles of food.
hiúgasháge íbagúde (n.phrase)
  1. Toothpick.
hiuqáqabe zóⁿze (n.phrase)
  1. Web on the inside of a horse's leg, above the knee.
híutóⁿga uhóⁿgaqti (n.phrase)
  1. Four teeth at the ends of the jaw; the wisdom teeth.
híutóⁿga uhóⁿge paí (n.phrase)
  1. Back molars(?); "sharp back teeth at the end".
hiⁿbé ákʰigtháha (n.phrase)
  1. Over-moccasins.
hiⁿbé gaqáqa (n.phrase)
  1. Porcupine quill-work on moccasins.
hiⁿbé gashégthe (n.phrase)
  1. The pendant or pendants at the heel of a moccasin.
hiⁿbé gáwiⁿxe (n.phrase)
  1. Buffalo head hair or red grass wrapped around the feet before putting on moccasins.
  2. Stockings, socks.
Hiⁿbé kʰíde (n.phrase)
  1. A boy's game; "shoot the moccasin".
hiⁿbthíⁿge búta (n.phrase)
  1. Peas ("round beans").
hiⁿbthíⁿge móⁿtʰanahé (n.phrase)
  1. Wild beans.
hiⁿbthíⁿge óⁿpʰoⁿhiⁿ égoⁿ, qúde zí égoⁿ (n.phrase)
  1. Beans like the hair of an elk, a sort of grayish yellow.
hiⁿbthíⁿge qúde gthezhé (n.phrase)
  1. Beans with gray spots.
hiⁿbthíⁿge sábe gthezhé (n.phrase)
  1. Beans that have black spots.
hiⁿbthíⁿge sábeqti (n.phrase)
  1. Very black beans.
hiⁿbthíⁿge ska (n.phrase)
  1. White beans.