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Omaha Words that are noun

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'ábe (n.)
  1. Leaf, leaves.
'óⁿaze (n.)
  1. Shadow, shade.
'óⁿsagimá (n.)
  1. The swift ones.
a (n.)
  1. Arm.
á'a (n.)
  1. South wind.
ábaku (n.)
  1. Upper back, the part of a person's back between the shoulders.
  2. Lower part of the neck of an animal.
  3. Buffalo hump.
ábashibaí (n.)
  1. Heir or heiress.
ábasta (n.)
  1. A patch.
ábazhnáthoⁿ (n.)
  1. Haircut, hairstyle; style of cutting one's hair.
ábthu (n.)
  1. A bird's shoulder. (Never used of a person or animal other than birds.)
ágthiⁿ (n.)
  1. Chair; seat.
agthóⁿkʰamóⁿge (n.)
  1. Raspberries.
ákʰiastá (n.)
  1. Pile, heap, stack.
ákʰoⁿtʰa kóⁿ (n.)
  1. A muscle in the arm.
ápatháge (n.)
  1. Headland; head of a bluff or promontory.
áqewoⁿ (n.)
  1. Frost on vegetation; hoar frost.
aqíbe (n.)
  1. Bracelet, armlet.
áqoⁿdepá (n.)
  1. Leather bracelet worn around a man's wrist as protection against the bow-string.
  2. The hiⁿqpe-iȼibaⁿ made of swan's down, wrapped around the middle of the sacred pole.
áqthu (n.)
  1. Underside of a bird's wing.
ásku (n.)
  1. Scalp-lock.