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Omaha Words that are active verb

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u'óⁿsi (v.a.)
  1. To leap or jump.
u'óⁿsisi (v.a.)
  1. To jump frequently.
ugá'e (v.a.)
  1. To drip; to drop a small amount of liquid.
ugás'iⁿ (v.a.)
  1. To peep at.
ugás'iⁿs'iⁿ (v.a.)
  1. To peep often.
ugáshk(e) ithoⁿthe (v.a.)
  1. To tie up a horse, picket a pony.
ugáshk(e) ithóⁿwathe (v.a.)
  1. To picket out the horses.
ugáshoⁿ (v.a.)
  1. To go on a journey; travel.
ugthíⁿ (v.a.)
  1. To sit in something.
uíthazhi (v.a.)
  1. To not tell someone something.
ukíoⁿthe (v.a.)
  1. To get oneself into difficulty or trouble.
  2. To fall into a trap.
uóⁿhe (v.a.)
  1. To flee into.
úsh'athíⁿge (v.a.)
  1. To be forward, presumptuous, not in awe.
  2. To be unblushing, unceremonious, free and easy.
úshithe (v.a.)
  1. To disappoint.
  2. To deceive.
  3. To accidentally cause needless trouble or disappointment.
ushkáde (v.a.)
  1. To play in.
ushkóⁿ (v.a.)
  1. To do, to work.
uthá'u'úde (v.a.)
  1. To gnaw several holes in a solid.
  2. To speak a foreign language.
uthá'ude (v.a.)
  1. To gnaw a hole in a flat solid object.
utháqthaqthá (v.a.)
  1. To loosen with the teeth.
utháspe (v.a.)
  1. To indent by biting.