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Omaha Words that are verb that is not yet classified

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'ágtha (v.)
  1. To suffer; to be injured or made sick by food, etc.
'ágthakíthe (v.)
  1. To cause oneself to suffer; to bring trouble on oneself.
'ágthathe (v.)
  1. To cause to suffer.
  2. To behave ill, by eating or destroying anything of value.
'ágthawáthe (v.)
  1. To make them or us suffer.
'áxe tʰígthe (v.)
  1. To make the sound ʔaxe suddenly.
'óⁿa égoⁿ (v.)
  1. Hesitant because of the certainty of failure.
'óⁿaziháha (v.)
  1. To cast parallel shadows.
'oⁿsa (v.)
  1. Swift at running.
ába'e (v.)
  1. To break out thickly on, as smallpox or another skin disease.
ába'u (v.)
  1. To mound up earth into a hill or heap.
ábaazé (v.)
  1. To drive, as a pony or ox.
ábabthi (v.)
  1. To plow a furrow over corn that has sprung up.
  2. To pound on something.
  3. To come up on or over, as water.
ábachʰízhe (v.)
  1. To be impetuous or rash.
ábae (v.)
  1. To hunt game; to go out hunting for a day without taking families along.
  2. To go out as scouts from the hunting group, in order to learn where the buffalo herd is.
ábagthi (v.)
  1. To dig, as with a spade.
ábaha (v.)
  1. To make a motion toward a person as if to hit them.
ábamoⁿ (v.)
  1. To file on something.
ábanoⁿ (v.)
  1. To gaze on someone.
ábanoⁿge (v.)
  1. To roll over someone by pushing, as with a wheelbarrow.
ábase (v.)
  1. To saw on something else, as wood on a sawhorse.