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Omaha Words that are stative verb

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púqa (v.s.)
  1. Having the legs drawn or curled up.
pʰă (v.s.)
  1. Bitter.
q'iⁿq'íⁿtha (v.s.)
  1. Inelastic, like old rubber; said of the wrinkled skin of old people.
qádadé (v.s.)
  1. Bristly, with bristling fur.
qáqaga (v.s.)
  1. Ruffled up, tousled, as hair or feathers.
  2. Rough, prickly, as cloth or a beard.
qé'a (v.s.)
  1. Short.
qéga (v.s.)
  1. Dried, dead, as a branch or tree.
qépʰa (v.s.)
  1. Short, as a vest.
qéqega (v.s.)
  1. Dry here and there, as a branch or tree.
qiátha (v.s.)
  1. Fallen down.
qíxe (v.s.)
  1. Broken in, as any hollow object.
qiⁿhá skă (v.s.)
  1. White-skinned.
qóⁿ (v.s.)
  1. Broken but not in two, said of a chair, bone, etc.
qpéga (v.s.)
  1. Faint, exhausted, feeble, languid, drooping, as after sickness or bad news.
qtáthewáthe (v.s.)
  1. Lovable, worthy of being loved.
qtha (v.s.)
  1. Lean, thin, poor.
qthexéxe (v.s.)
  1. Repeatedly tatooed, having multiple tatoos.
qthíazhi (v.s.)
  1. Quiet; not making any sound.
qthíbe (v.s.)
  1. Swampy, muddy, miry.
qthíqthi (v.s.)
  1. To be covered with running sores.