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Omaha Words that are adverb

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'áqti (adv.)
  1. No matter what (is said or done)
'oⁿ (adv.)
  1. How.
'óⁿshteshte (adv.)
  1. Just as it is; just as one is.
'oⁿshtéshtewoⁿ (adv.)
  1. Just as it is; no matter how it is.
'óⁿshtewoⁿ (adv.)
  1. No matter how it is; no matter what the result may be.
ágaqthe (adv.)
  1. With the wind or current.
áshi (adv.)
  1. Out, outside of the house.
áshiádi (adv.)
  1. Outside of that place, elsewhere, not here.
áshiadítʰoⁿ (adv.)
  1. From the outside, from elsewhere, from not here.
áshiáha (adv.)
  1. Outward by motion, outside by motion.
áshiatá (adv.)
  1. Outside, outdoors; outside of something.
áshiátha (adv.)
  1. By force; forcibly.
áshka (adv.)
  1. Close by, near.
átʰoⁿgátheha (adv.)
  1. Extensively
atʰóⁿqtiádi (adv.)
  1. When, in the remote past.
baznáde (adv.)
  1. Atop; resting on something which is on top of something else.
chʰábe (adv.)
  1. Very, exceedingly, intensely.
edí (adv.)
  1. There.
híutʰóⁿna (adv.)
  1. Between the legs; between the thighs.
hnóⁿdi (adv.)
  1. While, habitually during the time when, whenever.