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Omaha Words that are adverb

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wíutʰóⁿqti (adv.)
  1. As soon as; immediately after.
wíuwatʰóⁿga (adv.)
  1. As soon as.
wiⁿáha (adv.)
  1. All together, all in one place.
  2. All of one mind.
wiⁿáqchiha (adv.)
  1. All in one place; all together.
wíⁿdoⁿ (adv.)
  1. Together, in one place (referring to two things).
wíⁿoⁿwáta (adv.)
  1. To which direction? Where to?
wiⁿóⁿwatá (adv.)
  1. Where? At or in which place?
wiⁿóⁿwatátʰoⁿ (adv.)
  1. From wherever; from which of several directions.
wóⁿdoⁿ (adv.)
  1. Together, in one place.
zhémuxa (adv.)
  1. With the legs up in the air.
zhemuxáxa (adv.)
  1. With legs continually or frequently up in the air.
zhizhí (adv.)
  1. In a whisper.
zhnágithe (adv.)
  1. Openly; exposed; in full view; uncovered; outdoors; defenseless.
zhúsióⁿthe (adv.)
  1. Just as one is, oneself alone; "barely in the body'.
zhúsioⁿthéqchi (adv.)
  1. Just as one is; oneself alone.
zudégoⁿ (adv.)
  1. Whirring, whistling; with a whir (of wings).