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Omaha Words that are adverb

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píazhi égoⁿ (adv.)
  1. Badly.
qátha (adv.)
  1. Back again to the starting point.
qékʰi (adv.)
  1. Base of a bluff; under a bluff.
qóⁿde (adv.)
  1. All together, collectively.
qóⁿxa (adv.)
  1. Distant, far, remote.
sabázhi (adv.)
  1. Suddenly.
sabázhiqti (adv.)
  1. Very suddenly.
sakʰíba (adv.)
  1. Both together; beside, parallel, side by side.
sakʰíbadi (adv.)
  1. Both together; beside the other or others.
she (adv.)
  1. That way; that course or direction.
shéhi (adv.)
  1. There, at some distance but in sight.
shéhithe (adv.)
  1. There, at a great distance but in sight.
shéthutʰoⁿtá (adv.)
  1. At or to your place.
shetʰóⁿdoⁿde (adv.)
  1. About now.
shetʰóⁿdoⁿqtiki (adv.)
  1. At about that time or season.
shétʰoⁿqtiádi (adv.)
  1. Then, in the remote past.
shíshtenoⁿ (adv.)
  1. Again and again, over and over, repeatedly.
shkúbata (adv.)
  1. To or in the deep.
shoⁿ (adv.)
  1. Still, yet; at all events, at any rate.
  2. And so; thus.
shóⁿqchi (adv.)
  1. In spite of, despite, notwithstanding.
  2. Just so.
  3. All at once, right away.