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Omaha Words that are adverb

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hóⁿadi (adv.)
  1. Last night.
hóⁿde (adv.)
  1. When it is night.
hóⁿgoⁿtʰe (adv.)
  1. Before midnight.
hóⁿkʰoⁿska (adv.)
  1. Midnight.
íⁿshte (adv.)
  1. It is as it were.
  2. For example.
kihá (adv.)
  1. Down, downward, down into.
máthedoⁿ (adv.)
  1. During (past) winters, in the winter.
núshi (adv.)
  1. Low.
núshiqchi (adv.)
  1. Very low.
oⁿbáthe (adv.)
  1. Today; "this day".
óⁿbathéqchi (adv.)
  1. This very day.
óⁿbatʰóⁿshte (adv.)
  1. Someday, hereafter.
p'uthoⁿ (adv.)
  1. Steaming.
p'úthoⁿthoⁿ (adv.)
  1. Steaming often or repeatedly.
pahádi (adv.)
  1. On the hill; in the hill.
pahóⁿga (adv.)
  1. Before.
  2. First, the first one.
pahóⁿgaqti (adv.)
  1. At the very first, the very first one.
pamú (adv.)
  1. Downhill.
pamúadi (adv.)
  1. Downhill; to go downhill.
pamúugáqthe (adv.)
  1. With the face towards the base of the hill; looking towards the base of the cliff or hill.