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Omaha Words that are pronoun

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dádoⁿ (pro.)
  1. Something; a thing.
dádoⁿ shtéshte (pro.)
  1. Something or other; anything at all, whatever.
dádoⁿshte (pro.)
  1. Something or other; anything, whatever.
dadóⁿshtewoⁿ (pro.)
  1. Whatsoever; anything whatsoever.
dádoⁿzhí (pro.)
  1. Nothing; "what not".
ébe (pro.)
  1. Who.
  2. Somebody, someone.
ebéazhi (pro.)
  1. Nobody; no one.
edádoⁿ (pro.)
  1. Something, what, a thing.
edádoⁿshtéshte (pro.)
  1. Whatsoever; whatever.
ga (pro.)
  1. That; refers to something out of sight or off to the side.
sheáthiⁿ (pro.)
  1. Those two moving animate objects.
thi (pro.)
  1. You; thou, thee.
thithíta (pro.)
  1. Your, yours, your own.
  2. Thy, thine, thy own.
wi (pro.)
  1. I, me.
wíe (pro.)
  1. I, me.
wíedoⁿ (pro.)
  1. I, instead of or to the exclusion of others.
wíeshte (pro.)
  1. Even I.
wíezha (pro.)
  1. I, in contrast to others.
wináqchi (pro.)
  1. I alone, only I.
wínoⁿ (pro.)
  1. Only I.