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Omaha Words that are stative verb

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zhúazhiázhi (v.s.)
  1. Not at all unwell or inferior; well, strong, sound; absolutely up to par.
zhúguhe (v.s.)
  1. To shudder.
zhúguhéwathe (v.s.)
  1. Horrifying; fearful; making one shudder.
zhúhewáthe (v.s.)
  1. Fordable; shallow enough to be forded.
zhúnietʰóⁿ (v.s.)
  1. To be in pain, as from doing wrong.
zhúsoⁿsóⁿ (v.s.)
  1. To be shaking or trembling.
  2. To have white spots on the body.
zhúthithíⁿgígi (v.s.)
  1. To have a nervous twitching of some part of the body.
zhútʰatʰa (v.s.)
  1. To tremble a little, as from fear.
zhútʰoⁿkʰúthe (v.s.)
  1. Quick to mature; precocious.
zi (v.s.)
  1. Yellow.
zí égoⁿ (v.s.)
  1. Light yellow.
zíqti (v.s.)
  1. Dark yellow.
znéde (v.s.)
  1. Long.
znédeáqti (v.s.)
  1. Very long.
znedéqtihnoⁿ (v.s.)
  1. Always very long.
zni (v.s.)
  1. Cool, cold.
znóⁿznoⁿ (v.s.)
  1. Straight, level.
znútʰa (v.s.)
  1. Half-grown.
znúznu (v.s.)
  1. Fluid, dripping, sticky, runny.
zoⁿde (v.s.)
  1. Motionless; quiet; still.