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pa (n.)
  1. Head.
pa (n.)
  1. Nose.
páde (v.t.)
  1. To carve or cut up meat; dissect a body.
  2. To scalp a person.
Pádoⁿka (prop.noun)
  1. Comanche; Paducah.
Pádoⁿka wachʰí (prop.noun)
  1. Comanche or Paducah dance.
pagás'iⁿ (v.)
  1. To nod the head.
pagás'iⁿs'iⁿ (v.)
  1. To nod repeatedly.
pagásoⁿsóⁿde (v.)
  1. To shake one's head in a trembling manner, as when laughing.
pagías'iⁿ (v.t.)
  1. To nod to someone.
pagíthish'iⁿ (v.)
  1. To make faces at someone.
pahádi (adv.)
  1. On the hill; in the hill.
paháshi (n.)
  1. Something high, but connected to the earth.
paháshiádi (p. phrase)
  1. On a high place; on something high.
paháshiatá (p. phrase)
  1. Up above; upstairs.
paháshiatáha (p. phrase)
  1. Further up; toward a higher place.
paháshiatátʰoⁿ (p. phrase)
  1. From up above.
paháshiatáthishoⁿ (p. phrase)
  1. Up in that direction.
paháta (p. phrase)
  1. At the hill; on the hill.
páhe (n.)
  1. Hill.
pahé (n.)
  1. Hill.
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