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ébe (pro.)
  1. Who.
  2. Somebody, someone.
ebéazhi (pro.)
  1. Nobody; no one.
edábe (conj.)
  1. Also.
  2. Two or more objects.
edádoⁿ (pro.)
  1. Something, what, a thing.
edádoⁿshtéshte (pro.)
  1. Whatsoever; whatever.
éde (conj.)
  1. But.
edí (adv.)
  1. There.
edítʰoⁿ zhútʰoⁿ
  1. To come from something; to grow or originate from that.
éezhoⁿ (n.)
  1. Elm.
éezhoⁿ gthigthíde (n.)
  1. Slippery elm.
éezhoⁿ móⁿde (n.)
  1. Bow elm.
éezhoⁿ ukʰéthiⁿ (n.)
  1. Common elm.
ehoⁿt (intj.)
  1. Feminine exclamation; verbal exclamation point at the end of an utterance.
ékʰoⁿhe (intj.)
  1. No indeed!
éthe (v.t.)
  1. To have someone as kin; to regard someone as one's relative.
éthe (n.)
  1. Relative; kinsman or kinswoman.
ethégoⁿ (v.)
  1. To think; to think that.
ethégoⁿwáthe (v.)
  1. Probable, reasonable, conceivable.
ethégoⁿzhi (v.)
  1. To not think that.
ethégoⁿzhiwáthe (v.s.)
  1. Unthinkable, unreasonable; not to be thought of.
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