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za'é (n.)
  1. A noise, hum, buzz, bustle, confusion, uproar; said of the sound of mill-stones in motion.
za'é tʰígthe (v.phrase)
  1. To burst out with a shout.
za'é tʰithé (v.phrase)
  1. To make a sudden noise.
Záge (prop.noun)
  1. Sak, Sauk; the Sak or Sauk tribe.
zaní (quant.)
  1. All.
zázade (v.s.)
  1. Spread out in fan-like rays, extending apart.
zéthe (v.t.)
  1. To treat or prescribe medicine for the sick.
zi (v.)
  1. To scorch or toast.
zi (v.s.)
  1. Yellow.
zidé (onom)
  1. Hissing sound of air escaping.
zí égoⁿ (v.s.)
  1. Light yellow.
zí gthezhé (v.phrase)
  1. Yellow-spotted; having yellow spots.
zíqti (v.s.)
  1. Dark yellow.
Zíuhe (prop.noun)
  1. A branch of Bow Creek.
Zíwiúhi wachʰíshka (prop.noun)
  1. ______ Creek; name of a creek.
  2. A branch of Bow Creek.
zizíde wa'óⁿ (v.)
  1. To whistle as a woman does.
  2. To sing in a low, soothing manner, as when lulling an infants to sleep.
zízi égoⁿ (v.phrase)
  1. Yellow in spots, here and there.
zízige (n.)
  1. Rubber, elastic; any rubber or elastic object.
zizíkʰa (n.)
  1. Turkey; wild turkey or domestic turkey.
Zizíkʰa ákʰisi (prop.noun)
  1. A Pawnee gens; the Republican Pawnees.
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