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bachʰízhe (v.phrase)
  1. To go in without fear.
baézhuba (v.)
  1. To push, plane, etc., saying nothing to anyone, being utterly unconcerned.
bagíxe (v.)
  1. To push and scratch the flesh, ground, or a board, with the fingernail, a stick, nail, knife, etc.; to saw a board across the grain.
bagíze (v.)
  1. To play the fiddle; to make a creaking or squeaking sound by pushing.
bagízhe (v.s.)
  1. Bent down, like an old person or a thin animal.
bagthá (v.)
  1. To undo braided hair, plaited rope, etc.
  2. Vulgar meaning (unspecified by Dorsey).
bagthákʰoⁿ (v.)
  1. To push a plank, making it tip up on one side or edge, and not on the end.
bagthégtheze (v.)
  1. To write many lines, as in a book or letter, again and again.
bagthéze (v.)
  1. To make striped by writing, etc., hence, to write several lines, as in a copy book.
bagthézhe (v.s.)
  1. Spotted by writing, covered with black spots of various sizes.
bagthóⁿde (v.)
  1. To plane or file away, making the wood or metal blunt or short.
bagthóⁿtha (v.)
  1. To push on an object, and miss doing what was intended; to thrust at a foe and miss him, because of his dodging.
bagthóⁿthiⁿ (v.)
  1. To make someone furious or crazy by pushing or punching.
bagthú (v.)
  1. To thrust at ice, in order to make a hole in it for horses, etc., to drink.
bagúde (v.)
  1. To probe; to make a hole in any thing with a stick or other blunt object; to dig out or take out the marrow from a bone, as children dig out the marrow of leg bones of beef; to dig out the kernel of a nut.
bahá (v.)
  1. To show an object, to present it to view.
bahákʰithe (v.)
  1. To cause (purposely) him, not a kinsman, to show or exhibit an object.
bahá théthe (v.)
  1. To push and knock down; to push aside; to oppose, reject: used of light or small objects.
baháthezaha (v.)
  1. To take up a pinch of the skin, and run a splinter through a little distance, but not deep, as was done in the sun-dance; to run a needle a little way through cloth, etc.
bahégazhi (v.)
  1. To push or thrust at an object with force; to thrust deep into an object.
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