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she (dem.)
  1. That.
she (adv.)
  1. That way; that course or direction.
she (n.)
  1. Apple.
she+sh (intj.)
  1. Interjection of disappointment; Alas!
sheáthiⁿ (pro.)
  1. Those two moving animate objects.
shée (v.)
  1. To say this; to say it is so.
sheégoⁿ (v.s.)
  1. Of that kind; of that sort.
shéethégoⁿ (v.)
  1. To think this; to have this opinion.
sheéthégoⁿ égoⁿ (v.phrase)
  1. To be or feel somewhat like that.
shégoⁿ (v.s.)
  1. Of that kind; of that sort.
shégoⁿ égoⁿ (v.phrase)
  1. To be somewhat like that.
shégoⁿ gáxe (v.phrase)
  1. To make it like that.
shégoⁿthe (v.)
  1. To mean that; to consider to be that.
shéhi (adv.)
  1. There, at some distance but in sight.
shéhithe (adv.)
  1. There, at a great distance but in sight.
shéhiⁿshkúbe (n.)
  1. Peach, "apple with thick fur".
shémiⁿzhíⁿga (n.)
  1. Maiden, young woman.
shémiⁿzhiⁿzhíⁿga (n.)
  1. Young women, maidens, of various sizes.
shéni (n.)
  1. Apple juice, apple cider.
shénuzhiⁿga (n.)
  1. Young man, unmarried man.
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