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tepáhi sagí (n.phrase)
  1. The hard flesh on each side of the neck of a buffalo or other animal.
tepáqeha (n.)
  1. Shoulders of a buffalo.
tepi (n.)
  1. Liver of an animal.
tepízi (n.)
  1. Gall bladder.
téskă sháge (n.)
  1. Cow or ox hoof.
téshage (n.)
  1. Buffalo hoof.
teshíbe (n.)
  1. Animal small intestines.
téshiⁿsháge (n.)
  1. Animal hoof or nail.
téshka (v.a.)
  1. Short.
teshóⁿde (n.)
  1. Scrotum of a buffalo or other animal.
tethéze (n.)
  1. Tongue of an animal.
tewátʰe wágushábe (n.)
  1. Softest flesh on the thigh of a buffalo.
  2. Meat of the inner muscle of the leg.
Texúnazhíⁿ (prop.noun)
  1. Man's name of the Omaha Tesíⁿde gens; "One standing in an upland marsh".
tezíⁿhazí (n.)
  1. Hide of a buffalo calf.
tezhíⁿga (n.phrase)
  1. Buffalo calf, young buffalo.
tezhíⁿhazi (n.)
  1. Hide of a buffalo calf.
ti (v.a.)
  1. To pitch or set up a tent.
ti (n.)
  1. House, lodge, tent, tipi, dwelling.
ti'a (v.s.)
  1. Rotten, worn out, full of holes, as rotten wood or worn-out clothing.
tíadi (p. phrase)
  1. In the house or lodge.
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