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wamúske úbixoⁿ (n.phrase)
  1. Yeast.
wamúske únubíxoⁿ (n.phrase)
  1. Yeast.
wamúske wánatube (n.phrase)
  1. Fine wheat flour.
wamúske wégoⁿze (n.phrase)
  1. Bushel of wheat; "measure of wheat".
wamúske wégoⁿze (n.phrase)
  1. Measure of wheat; bushel.
wamúske wémuzhoⁿ (n.phrase)
  1. Wheat fan; "something to clean wheat by blowing away the chaff".
wamúske wénoⁿzhu (n.phrase)
  1. Threshing machine.
wamúsk ínoⁿtúbe (n.phrase)
  1. Grist mill; mill-stone.
waná'oⁿ (v.a.)
  1. To listen to them.
wána'óⁿzhi (v.a.)
  1. Not to listen to them; to pay no attention to them.
waná'oⁿzhi (v.a.)
  1. To be deaf.
  2. To be uncomprehending; not understand.
wanábthoⁿ (v.)
  1. To emit a strong smell, as food being cooked.
wanábthoⁿ údoⁿ (v.phrase)
  1. Smelling good, as meat.
wanágthe (n.)
  1. Domesticated or tame animal; pet.
wánakóⁿgthe (n.)
  1. Candle, lamp.
wánakoⁿgthe íba zhoⁿ (n.phrase)
  1. Lamp handle; the part of a lamp or candlestick by which it is held.
wánakóⁿgthe íthise (n.phrase)
  1. Candle-snuffer.
wánakoⁿgthe sagí (n.phrase)
  1. Candle.
wánakóⁿgthe ugthé (n.phrase)
  1. Candlestick.
wánakóⁿgthe wagthíshka (n.)
  1. Firefly, lightning bug; "candle insect".
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