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zhúsióⁿthe (adv.)
  1. Just as one is, oneself alone; "barely in the body'.
zhúsioⁿthéqchi (adv.)
  1. Just as one is; oneself alone.
zhúsoⁿsóⁿ (v.s.)
  1. To be shaking or trembling.
  2. To have white spots on the body.
zhútʰatʰa (v.s.)
  1. To tremble a little, as from fear.
zhútʰoⁿ (v.a.)
  1. To mature; to ripen.
  2. To bear blossoms or fruit.
zhútʰoⁿkʰúthe (v.s.)
  1. Quick to mature; precocious.
zhútʰoⁿthe (v.)
  1. To raise; to grow crops or rear children.
zhútʰoⁿwáthe (n.)
  1. Descendants, posterity.
Zhúthabthiⁿ (prop.noun)
  1. The Trinity.
zhu thíbthibthíxe (v.phrase)
  1. To shiver, to shake all over.
zhú thiskí ukígthoⁿ (v.phrase)
  1. To hold one's body together, crouching and trembling.
zhúthithíⁿgígi (v.s.)
  1. To have a nervous twitching of some part of the body.
zhu wáxabazhiqti tʰédi (p. phrase)
  1. In the beginning, at the very first; "when not a body had been made".
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