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agthíⁿdubaakígthaha (num.phrase)
  1. Fourteenfold.
agthíⁿdúbaha (num.phrase)
  1. Fourteen in each place or collection.
agthíⁿdubáqti (num.phrase)
  1. Just fourteen, exactly fourteen.
agthíⁿdubáqtiégoⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. About fourteen.
agthíⁿdubáthoⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. Fourteen together or at a time.
agthíⁿdubáthóⁿthoⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. Fourteen to each.
agthíⁿdubóⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. Fourteen times.
agthíⁿdubóⁿzhoⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. Always or only fourteen times.
agthíⁿpethábthiⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. Eighteen; "the other eight".
agthíⁿpethábthiⁿhá (num.phrase)
  1. Eighteen in each place.
agthíⁿpethabthíⁿoⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. Eighteen times.
agthíⁿpethábthiⁿqti (num.phrase)
  1. Just or only eighteen.
agthíⁿpethábthiⁿqtiégoⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. About eighteen.
agthíⁿpethabthíⁿthoⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. Eighteen at a time or together.
agthíⁿpethabthíⁿthóⁿthoⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. Eighteen to each person; eighteen apiece.
agthíⁿpethóⁿba (num.phrase)
  1. Seventeen; "the other seven".
agthíⁿpethóⁿbaha (num.phrase)
  1. Seventeen in each place.
agthíⁿpethóⁿbaqti (num.phrase)
  1. Just seventeen.
agthíⁿpethóⁿbaqtiégoⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. About seventeen.
agthíⁿpethoⁿbáthoⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. Seventeen at a time or together.
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