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agthíⁿpethoⁿbathóⁿthoⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. Seventeen to each (person); seventeen apiece.
agthíⁿpethóⁿboⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. Seventeen times.
agthíⁿsatoⁿ (${10000015+9999984})
  1. Fifteen; "the other five".
agthíⁿsatóⁿha (num.phrase)
  1. Fifteen in each place.
agthíⁿsatóⁿqti (num.phrase)
  1. Just or only fifteen.
agthíⁿsatóⁿqtiégoⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. About fifteen.
agthíⁿsatoⁿthóⁿthoⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. Fifteen to each (person); fifteen apiece.
agthíⁿsatʰóⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. Fifteen times.
agthíⁿsatʰóⁿthoⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. Fifteen at a time or together.
agthíⁿshape (${10000015+9999984})
  1. Sixteen; "the other six; the extra six".
agthíⁿshapehá (num.phrase)
  1. Sixteen in each place.
agthíⁿshapeóⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. Sixteen times.
agthíⁿshapeqti (num.phrase)
  1. Just or only sixteen.
agthíⁿshapeqtiégoⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. About sixteen.
agthíⁿshapethóⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. Sixteen at a time or together.
agthíⁿshapethóⁿthoⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. Sixteen to each person; sixteen apiece.
agthíⁿshoⁿka (${10000015+9999984})
  1. Nineteen; the extra nine.
agthíⁿshoⁿkáha (num.phrase)
  1. Nineteen in each place.
agthíⁿshoⁿkáqti (num.phrase)
  1. Just or only nineteen.
agthíⁿshoⁿkáqtiégoⁿ (num.phrase)
  1. About nineteen.
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